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First Trimester

0-12 weeks [Baby is the size of a plum]

This is the time to schedule early pregnancy appointments, confirm your pregnancy and have the doctor run tests. Talk to your doctor if you feel sick, tired, or are having strange cravings.

  • Did you know your heart pumps 40-50% more blood while you’re pregnant? And your baby’s heart is beating too.
  • Just think of your baby as a sponge: their body will absorb anything you put in yours.
  • Hair and nails are starting to form.
  • Your baby’s brain is already starting to develop.
  • Your baby is starting to move, even though you may not feel it yet.

Healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle are very important this early on in your pregnancy.

Second Trimester

13-24 weeks [Baby is the size of a grapefruit]

This is when the doctor can tell you the sex of your baby and do lots of important tests to make sure the baby’s healthy.

  • Now you can start to feel the baby move!
  • Your baby can hear, yawn, taste and hiccup.

Your baby can start to hear and recognize your voice. Talk, read or sing to your baby often.

Third Trimester

25-40 weeks [Baby is the size of a small pumpkin]

As you get closer to your due date the doctor will monitor the baby’s growth an gt you ready for the delivery process.

  • Guess what? You’re producing milk now.
  • Now is the time to prepare for your baby’s arrival, and learn about the safe way for your baby to sleep in the crib.
  • Believe it or not, your baby can see light and practices crying in the womb.

Aches and false contractions may be normal. Talk to your doctor to help know when you need to head to the hospital.


Congratulations on a healthy baby!

Enjoy this time bonding with your baby. From breastfeeding to snuggles, this is a special time.