Childbirth Information

After 9 months of preparation it is finally time to give birth! There may be a million things running through your mind, but by planning early you can ease some of the worry you might have.

One big decision is where you want to give birth. Many people give birth at the hospital. Some give birth at a birthing center or some at home. Talk to your doctor and see what the best and safest one is for you.

What is the difference between a midwife and a doula? A midwife can deliver your baby and take care of all the tests and prenatal care. A doula cannot deliver a baby, but can assist during the delivery process.

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A birth plan is another great way to help with giving birth. It helps to lay out your choices early and give them to your care team. But remember, you can’t control everything so stay flexible.

To learn more about birth plans and find a template, click here.

Before you bring your new baby home, it will be important to be ready. By law, you must have a car seat to leave the hospital, and a crib is necessary to make sure baby is safe.

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