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Black Maternal Health Podcast Season 3

Welcome to our podcast, where we delve into various aspects of maternal health and well-being. In this season, we cover a wide range of topics, from postpartum mental health to birth stories, breastfeeding, and more.

Join us as we explore the vital work of organizations like BEMom Aware and Haven for Birth, which are dedicated to reducing stigma and increasing access to maternal mental health resources. We speak with the passionate founders of these organizations, Brenna Rizan, Jessica Walker, Heidi Jones, and Liz Kennish, who share invaluable insights into their services and the importance of doula care.

Our podcast also features conversations with doulas and healthcare professionals, including Bria Bailey, Aicha, Dr. Ray, and Dr. Watkins. They provide guidance on the spiritual aspects of being a doula, common prenatal health concerns, building birth plans, and partnering with medical providers for optimal outcomes.

In addition, we present birth stories from mothers like Camille, Patricia, and Christina, who offer unique perspectives on navigating pregnancy and childbirth. We discuss topics such as safe sleep practices, breastfeeding challenges, breast health, and managing mental health during pregnancy. Finally, we examine the concept of birth equity with Dana Sherrod, who sheds light on hospital practices impacting Black birthing people and the importance of authentic community relationships.

Tune in to our podcast and discover a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for your maternal journey. Visit our guests’ websites to access further resources and support.