Video Tips

Check here often as we add videos that help inspire healthy pregnancies.

Healthy eating starts with mom

Healthy eating starts with mom. Try this yummy lunch with whole wheat bread, peanut butter and banana. Add some veggies like celery sticks and top off with a glass of milk! Not only will it be tasty, but your baby will be happy too.

Choose a healthy future

There are lots of delicious meals and snacks to enjoy while pregnant. Choosing nutritious options will help your baby grow strong.

Exercise helps your mind, body and baby

Exercise helps your mind, body and baby and it doesn’t have to be in a gym. Simple actions like walking up steps or taking a walk around the block can help you stay healthy during your pregnancy. A healthy you = a healthy baby.

First 5 – Baby Bag

Get prepared for baby. It’s important for a soon-to-be mom to be prepared to give birth. Make sure you have all the things a mom might need when preparing to go to the hospital to give birth.

Kenya’s Story

Kenya, an advocate at Black Mothers United who had her first child at 15. Watch her story to learn more about how Black Mothers United supports pregnant woman in accessing services in Sacramento County.

Michelle’s Story

Michelle, mother of two, shares her story and offers advice for new moms about the importance of prenatal care and support.

Katrina’s Story

Katrina, a pregnant mother in Sacramento County, is a client at Wellspace Health. Watch her story to learn more about what Wellspace Health has to offer to pregnant woman in Sacramento County.