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Baby Needs and Care

  • 2022/04/20
  • 10:00 AM
  • California

Baby Resources

There are things you need to know and resources you need to care for your baby. Everything from what car seat is best for your growing child to choosing the right childcare provider and keeping your baby physically healthy can make a lasting difference for parents.

Car Seat

Any child riding in a vehicle must be in a car seat. You can find information here regarding how to properly seat your baby and what car seat is best for their age. 

Find additional information on California Office of Traffic Safety’s website, which provides details on where you can get your baby’s car seat installed and checked for safety.

Child Care

Finding the proper child care is essential for you and your baby’s development. This is a place they will spend a decent amount of time and is a place to learn outside of the home. It is necessary for you to start searching for a provider sooner rather than later if you plan to return to work. Some facilities have waiting list.

CalWorks has an option in their child care program providing families access to child care as the parent works to transition themselves into a stable long-term care situation. 

Discover the stages and criteria to be eligible for the program.

Dental Care

Oral health should begin as soon as your baby develops their first teeth. It is an important part of their development as bad oral health can sometimes develop into other health issues. For tips on maintaining your baby’s dental health click here.